Trouble with Amazon.com

  • 04-10-2018 – Reported order missing
  • 04-11-2018 – 2nd call. told to wait 1-3 days for investigation & refund
  • 04-18-2018 – Heard nothing. called. police report submitted. refund issued to giftcard incorrectly. Got customer service to fix & resubmit to original card.
  • 04-19-2018 – Sent transaction could not be found. Supervisor ryan j. promised refund in 48 hours:
    “I’ve requested a refund of $251.84 to your credit card. You’ll see the refund on your credit card statement in the next 48 hours. Best regards, Ryan J.”
  • 04-21-2018 – Supervisor Gaurav promised 3-5 days.

As of today, April 26, 2016 – I still do not have my money.

Damage so far because of this problem with Amazon.com

  • Hosting partnership due 04/23/2018
  • $ 50.00
    • Daughter’s school project due 04/25/2018
  •  $127.00
    • Car Registration due 04/28/2018


Will be contacting the following soon:

  • ecr@amazon.com – Executive Customer Relations [emailed a copy of this blog post]
  • jeff@amazon.com – Jeff Bezos, CEO [emailed a copy of this blog post]
  • gofundme.com – [in progress]


I am COMPLETELY blown away with how amazon has treated me as long time customer, and very angry at the problems they have caused my life.

Amazon.com and it’s customer service staff have given me the round-around and have been promising my refund for the past 11 days.
To this day, they have they have promised to refund me the balance of $251.84 of the total $293.19 that I paid on April 8th, 2018.
The last statement by phone from a customer service “supervisor” who goes by “Ryan J.” who said that he does not know why the $251.84 was put ona giftcard instead of returned to my card, and now that it is removed, he does not know where it went and would have me my refund in 48 hours or less.
It has been OVER 48 hours and I still don’t have my $251.84
I am providing documentation to the public about how they treat their long term customers.

I have been a customer of amazon.com for over a decade. And I have been an affiliate for about 5 yrs.






Subject: amazon.com chat transcript

Date 2018-04-16 13:52

Me: Seems amazon is playing games… it’s been over a week since I’ve paid. My items were obviously taken and you guys are taking your time accepting that. I’m going to be calling my card company to reverse the charges…
You are now connected to Prachi from Amazon.com
Prachi : Hello PQ, my name is Prachi . I’m here to help you today.
Hey pq!!
Me: Hi prachi. From my experience, you have to transfer me, right?
This is my 3rd of 4th attempt to get my money back…
Prachi : I am really sorry for the inconvenience that caused to you.
Do not worry, I will surely help you with this.
Me: well, up till now, I wanted the order replaced, but I bought something else and need a refund
Prachi : Allow me a minute while I go through the issue.
Me: sure. ok
Prachi : Just to confirm are you referring to
SublimeWare (Blue) 37mm UV Filter with for GoPro Aluminum Case Housing CNC Frame for GoPro Hero 4 Case for GoPro Hero 3 Case for GoPro Hero 3+ Case –
VSDANLIN Mens Sports Running Shoes Lightweight Athletic Breathable Mesh Anti-Slip Leisure Walking Sneakers (US9.5/43EU Men, Grey)
Epson Expression ET-2650 EcoTank Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner and Copier ?
Me: yes
Prachi : Did you receive these item?
Me: No! An investigation has been going for 7 days now (I called the next day after the package was missing)
Prachi : I need to connect you to our specialized department, It will only take a moment.
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Abhilash from Amazon.com
Abhilash: Hello, my name is Abhilash. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
Me: Hello Abhilash. Im contact amazon again today because it’s been over a week since I’ve paid. My items were obviously taken and you guys are taking your time accepting that. I’m going to be calling my card company to reverse the charges…
Abhilash: I’m sorry to hear that.
Could you please stay connected for a minute or two while I look into this for you?
Me: Well, sure. Im just giving you guys the “heads up” that I’ll be calling the card company because a week is too long for me to be out of $293.00 and have nothing that I ordered. You told me the investigation would take 3 days… it’s been a week
Ok… Well… I’m going to be in the background. Hopefully the chat will chime when you return
Abhilash: pq , based on the result of investigation I’m unable to issue any concession.
. We advise you to contact carrier as well as your local authorities if necessary in order to pursue this matter further.
If the issue isn’t resolved after contacting local law enforcement and the carrier, please contact us with the URL to the online police report regarding this incident or a police report number regarding this incident and the name of the related police department.
Without the police report, we’re unable to take further action.
Me: WHAT THE HECK!?!? I had to wait a week for this? I could’ve been told this way before now so I could’ve gotten that started! It was a simple matter. The order was delivered somewhere (my door or anyone elses door here), a carrier took a picture of it, I wasn’t here in time, and someone took it! That cou;d’ve been discerned in a day or 2 – but I’ve been out of almost $300 for 8 days and now I hear this $Y@)&#@! Im going to give amazon the worst #&@# review I can muster. After doing affiliate business with you guys and spending money with plans to spend lots more, I get treated like this… You tell the INVESTIGATION department THEY ARE RATS!
Dirty rats for making me freakin suffer this long and now I have to go thru MORE SH$@@&#@#@#@!!!
Abhilash: I understand its frustrating but please understand we have standard procedures and we have to follow them.
Me: FRUSTRATING!? This cause me a BIG $^*@ problem with a project from the start!!!
You guys procedure is to tell people 1-3 days and take 8? And at no time contact me… and when I do you slam me by telling me to file something I couldve done a $@^*#$^@! week ago!!?!@?!?
Abhilash: I’m sorry but you have to file a police report,
Me: Oh, I’ll file it all right. And more
Your %#*@&# carrier should never have left it at door.
And now I’m responsible… Yeah. Im not letting this sh#&@!# go
Abhilash: I’m sorry for the inconvenience you’ve experienced in this case.
We do our best to ensure that all of our customers’ orders go as smoothly as possible and I am sorry this was not the case this time.
Me: up till now I liked amazon a lot. No, it’s not about “the customer is mad because they didnt get their waY’. It’s how I was lied to
Abhilash: We certainly did not expect this to happen.
Me: How my package was left at the door and for 8 days I was told my other reps THIS WOULD BE RESOLVED FOR SURE – YOU GUYS FREAKIN LIED TO ME!!!
Abhilash: No we are not lied.
Me: 2 chat reps lied – they said I would get my item
Abhilash: item cost is so high and we need a police report
Me: Thats understood. I should’ve been told that days ago. It’s $300 !!!
I have 2 small children!
I dont have money or time to play around with when I need to spend more time and money on them… I was told 1-3 days… and I was told I would get my stuff (i’d rather a refund now) for certain!
Whatever. I’ll get the police report. I’ll get a lawyer. I’ll write reviews. And I won’t stop.
Abhilash: I understand and I’m really sorry for that,’
Me: Thank you for your help.

 —– —– —– —– —–

Subject: Fwd: Your Chat Transcript from Amazon
Date     2018-04-10 23:46

Here’s a copy of the chat transcript you requested:

Initial Question: I did not receive my package today!!!

07:51 PM PDT Rey(Amazon): Hello, my name is Rey from Amazon Product
Support Experts. I’m here to help you today. Can I also get your phone
number just in case our chat would be disconnected?

07:52 PM PDT ME: Hi Rey.
Yes. the number is xxx-xxx-xxxx
07:52 PM PDT Rey: Thank you. Please stay while I’m connecting you to our
team that can help you further.
07:52 PM PDT ME: Thank you
07:53 PM PDT Abhijit(Amazon): Hello, my name is Abhijit. Please give me
a moment to review the previous correspondence.
07:53 PM PDT ME: hi Abhijit
07:54 PM PDT Abhijit: Hi 🙂
I am so sorry that the item is not delivered to you.
07:55 PM PDT Abhijit: Just to confirm, are all the three items missing ?
07:55 PM PDT ME: I’ve asked around and everyone claims
they saw nothing
07:55 PM PDT Abhijit: Let me explain this to you.
07:55 PM PDT ME: Yes, all 3 items! I have nothing!

07:55 PM PDT Abhijit: Sometimes a carrier will accidentally scan a
package as “Delivered” when it’s actually still on its way. When this
happens, we expect the carrier to deliver the package within one
business day.
07:55 PM PDT ME: Could they have been left with the
07:56 PM PDT Abhijit: I request you please to wait till Wednesday, April
11, 2018 5:00 PM (PDT) and we are sure that the missing item will be
delivered to you safely and we are here to make sure it gets delivered.
When your order does arrive, there’s no need to contact us. However, if
you haven’t received it by this date, please let us know immediately
through the link below and we’ll be happy to get a refund or a
replacement ( whichever is applicable ) for you:
07:56 PM PDT ME: I actually needed the gopro case today
07:56 PM PDT Abhijit: http://www.amazon.com/contact-us
07:57 PM PDT Abhijit: I totally understand and I personally apologize
for this.
I will make sure that the items are delivered to you tomorrow at the
earliest. This is the best I can do from my end at this point.
07:58 PM PDT ME: Since it didnt arrive today, can I
cancel the order for the gopro case and the driver can take it back?
Just the case, not the other 2 items
07:59 PM PDT Abhijit: I see that the carrier has already marked the
items as delivered and the trace period for this is till Wednesday,
April 11, 2018 5:00 PM (PDT).
If you do not get the items till this time then we can consider the
items as missing and take further actions.
08:00 PM PDT ME: oh… 🙁 dang it… I can’t stand when
this type of stuff happens. If I could’ve had a more precise time I
could’ve accepted it personally
08:00 PM PDT Abhijit: I am extremely sorry, and I will definitely
forward the feedback about the carrier and make ure that this does not
happen again.
08:02 PM PDT ME: Well, it was schedule to be delivered
today, but I couldn’t get a more precise delivery time window… (Like
between 1 and 4pm). Just “up until 8pm”. That meant “any time today”,
and I had to work, pick up the kids from school, etc. I think someone
got it, but I’ll wait until tomorrow evening.
if thats how it works.
08:03 PM PDT Abhijit: Thank you so much for your understanding and we
will make sure that this is the last time you will have to face such
Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
08:04 PM PDT ME: I dont think it was the driver’s fault
unless they had the option to leave it with a neighbor to return with it
and decided to do something like leave it to be stolen… 🙁 – I still
dont want to get them in trouble, … I just want my order!
08:04 PM PDT Abhijit: We will make sure that you get the items 🙂

08:05 PM PDT Abhijit: And thanks a lot for allowing us time, we really
appreciate it.
Thank you for contacting Amazon. We hope to see you again. Have a great
rest of your day. Please click “End Chat” to close this window.
08:05 PM PDT ME: Ok. Well, thank you for your help.
I’ll look for it tomorrow and contact you guys if it’s not here by 5pm
my time. sigh… bye for now.
08:06 PM PDT Abhijit: Sure 🙂
It was a pleasure to assist you with this. Please click “End Chat” to
close this window.

Thank you.


Chat Transcript with Amazon.com Rep. ‘Savi’, transferred to “Supervisor” named: ‘GAURA’

Me: I was lied to AGAIN – Supervisor “Ryan J.” said I would have my $251.84 refund within 48 hours. It’s been 11 days that I’ve been promised my money. I’ve been lied to once again.

You are now connected to Savi from Amazon.com
Savi: Hello, my name is Savi. I’m here to help you today.
Me: hello Savi. I need to speak to the highest supervisor there.
I was lied to AGAIN – Supervisor “Ryan J.” said I would have my $251.84 refund within 48 hours. It’s been 11 days that I’ve been promised my money. I’ve been lied to once again.
Savi: I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I’ll do my best to fix this.
Would you mind holding on for a few minutes while I am checking with this ?
Me: You can’t fix it – for almost 2 weeks ever representive promises that they would fix it and they have lied. I have been documenting it. http://bitcoin-corporation.com/a/news/2…(See full link)
They say I’ll get my money, you guys are moving it around in your system and the last supervisor said he didnt know where it was and had to research it for 48 hours. He said I would get my money back in 48 hours or less. Well it’s been about 51 hours!
It’s gone way passed “inconvenience” – you guys ruined a loved one’s birthday and have cause me trouble at work because I never received the product and I can’t give the money back to who I owe
Please connect me with the highest supervisor available
Savi: I truly understand your concern and frustration PQ , I can see that the refund is already issued successfully from our end on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 10:46 PM (PDT), if you need i can also provide the transaction number to check with your bank ,
I paid $293.19 off my mastercard – IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO BACK *ON* MY “MASTERCARD” – NOT A GIFT CARD
Savi: Please stay connected, I’m consulting my supervisor.
Me: **** THANK YOU ****
FULL STORY AT: http://bitcoin-corporation.com/a/news/2…(See full link)
I have provided order details, chat transcripts, and screenshots.
My lawyer advised me to document EVERYTHING
Savi: Thank you for staying connected, My supervisor personally looked into this concern and he said we agree the refund was given to Gift card and it was then re-submitted by our system and it was processed to your credit card on April 18th and the refund to credit card takes 5 business days max depending on bank’s processing time, therefore 5 business days from 18th April when the refund was issued is 25th April, if you don’t see the refund of $251.84 in your account on 25th April, We assure that we’ll process a separate refund for you to the credit card you used . And we promised you don’t have to wait any more for this process to get completed, just till 25th or else, we’ll process the refund separately for you.
Me: No, you guys have not issued it. It goes back on my card almost immediate – When you issue the refund TWO THINGS HAPPEN: 1) I get an email that it has been process (I got those emails for the 22.45 and the 18.90 – not the 251.84) and #2) I goes on my card almost immediately, definately by the next day. I have received the other 2 SMALL amounts immediately, but you guys have played around with the 251.84 – I dont have the email and it’s been over 48 hours. IM NOT STUPID – SOMEONE OVER THERE IS LYING
You guys have caused me so many problems over here that I am willing to come to your offices and get in your face for my #&)@ money. Even if I get arrested. You’ve screwed me over so much that dont care
I WANT MY #^*^#@# MONEY!
Savi: See PQ , please calm down and allow me a few minute to answer all your questions.
Please give me a chance to resolve this.
Me: 1st you guys tell me 1-3 days to process my refund… then a week goes by and you tell me 48 hours — now you’re tell me 5 days BULL!!!!
2 GOD@#&$@ Weeks almost! \
I got kids, and business, and responsibilities and you’re F’ing with my money now!
tired of people and companies stealing from me
lying and freakin stealing
This is the type of shit that drives people over the edge, and then the news wonders “what happened” – screwin with my life is what you’re doing – I paid the money quick, somebody should’ve taken some time out and gave me back my money by now – even if they had to pull it out of their own damned pocket.
Savi: PQ , first all all I truly apologize for all this time you had to face through due to issues, I can assure to resolve this I’m keeping a personal follow up with you and I’ll look into the refunds for you. If you don’t get refund by 25th April. I’ll process it myself again separately for $251.84 to your credit card.
I’ll send you confirmation email right now of what I promised and the refund being processed already on 18th April and takes 5 business days to credit in your card depending on bank’s processing time.
Me: DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT WILL HAVE BEEN BY THE 25TH? TRUST ME, YOU WOULD *** NOT *** WANT TO TALK TO ME ON THE 25TH IF THAT BS HAPPENED. I WOULD PERSONALLY HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE. Thats the problem now – all of you reps SAY sh*t like that, but you don’t mean it. You can’t calm me down over chat. All you can do is give me back my money or continue lying.
YOu guys put the 251 on a giftcard for whatever your manipulating reasons are, and now you’re claiming to have processed AGAIN – but had you done it, I would have it by now – YOU’RE LYING (Or *you* are personally mistaken and only going off what you’re TOLD)
I can prove to you that the 22.45 and the 18.90 posted to my card on the SAME DAY THE REFUND WAS ISSUED
Savi: The 18.90 and 22.45 were readily available as these both refunds were processed to the credit card directly, but by mistake the 251.84 charge was gone to gift card and therefore , we have re-submitted the refund back to your credit card and hence it is taking longer than expected, I can provide a documented proof as an email for confirmation from our end.
Me: but the 251.54 was put on a giftcard and it should not have been put there.
I was want proof of everything – I want proof and blood, dammit
And I have to suffer because YOU guys made a mistake… and I’m expected to wait wait wait… yet, if I dont pay my amazon prime or kindle unlimited bills, you dont wait. You cut my damned service!!!
I’ve made it clear the problems that this has caused. If you guys cared someone would’ve walked over to wherever they had to and done this by hand, and then gave me a freakin phone call
Savi: Yes I agree 251.84 were put on gift card , but it was an human error and we corrected it already and the refund is now processed to your credit card and thus this processing is taking time or else it would be much faster. It takes 5 business days for the refund to get credited.
Me: And because we’re all *human* I’ve been patient. But when I’m told something and it isn’t done, I got “strike 1, strike 2, strike 3, YOU’RE OUT” – YOU GUYS HAVE LIED MULTIPLE TIMES AND I’VE WAITING AND SUFFERING. And when I tell someone “it’s amazon’s fault”, they look at me like “thats your excuse?” – and I’m like “It’s freakin true!!!!”
1-3 days and you’ll have your money Mr. quarles (thats was I was told on the 10/11th) – 1 to 3 days went by – NOTHING.
I waited about 5 days just to find out I needed to do a police report – somebody could’ve told me that from the start instead of me sitting around waiting for 5 days!
then I get the police report and you guys are STILL making excuses
I ordered on the 8th and it’s the #@#@#! 21st!!!!
I always try to do things diplomatically and fair at 1st, and then I get taken advantage of… I pull up a chat and take my time and try to get things resolved… andI wait… then I have to use the telephone to get in someone’s ear… and get more promises. Ok. I see a phone call is next, because I’m not going to wait until the 25th for something thats not coming
Savi: The procedures followed on starting were the standard procedures we need to follow in such cases and I appreciate for you co-operating with us uptill now PQ .
Me: So you’re saying that making a mistake is standard procedure with amazon.com? Or it’s standard procedure to be ok with going thru standard procedures when it’s clearly not my fault. It would be reasonable to break away from standard procedure in a special case like this.
And Saivi, don’t tell me it was human error, then turn around and tell me * I have to pay for your company’s mistake *
I’ve expressed to more than one of you the trouble you’ve caused. Sorry doesn’t fix it
Expiditing this would’ve…
Savi: We aren’t asking you to pay anything nor we are denying for the refund.
Me: But I*am* paying!!!
Far more than money!
Savi: Please let me know what do you expect from me now so that we can resolve this better.
Me: Your company’s mistake has caused some major problems and you’ve can make it right by stepping outside of your “procedure”. Thats pretty selfish of your company
I asked you from the start to connect me with a supervisor.
I dont want to talk *through* someone, I want to talk to a supervisor who has the power to do things YOU can’t do
Savi: Please stay connected.
Me: Thank you
Savi: Please stay connected, I’m transferring you to our supervisor.
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to GAURAV from Amazon.com
GAURAV: Hello, my name is GAURAV from Amazon leadership team. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
Me: Are you *really* a supervisor (this question is a result of me constantly being given misinformation or all-out-lies) ?
Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
Me: If so, I imagine you have access to notes. Don’t know if they’ve become convoluted, confusing or all out wrong, but here is a copy of everything from my end, on my blog:
http://bitcoin-corporation.com/a/news/2…(See full link)
If you would please read what I’ve typed
GAURAV: Do not worry on that part PQ , we have all the chats records available to know about what has happened till now .
Sure , please allow me a moment to go through .
Me: FYI – Angry about this is a bit of an understatement. I am down right hostile because I’ve been told for almost 2 weeks this would be fix
The thing is, I have broken the timeline down so it can more easily be seen what has and is happening
GAURAV: Thanks for your patience PQ .
I see you are concerned about the refunds of the order under Order ID: 114-6359496-0674642 with worth $251.84 , correct ?
I don’t mean to rush you, but we’ve been idle for 1 minute. I want to make sure our chat’s still connected. If you aren’t able to respond in 1 minute, this chat will close.
Me: Yes! 1) I live in an unsecure apartment building. A full, on display printer box should not have neen left without a sig. 2) I was 1st promised a refund in 1-3 days. It turned into about 5 days before I was told I needed a police report (instead of being told that immediately). I got it and then was told some more days which did not happen. Then it was put on a giftcard when I was told it would go to my original card… The giftcard was removed and I was told it would be sent to my card… didnt happen. Then Supervisor Ryan J. told me 48 hours or less… That was on the 18th! It takes less than 24 hours for refunds to post back to my card. Always have. From all merchants. Even amazon. I’ve experienced that time and time again. I received the 22.45 and the 18.90 back SAME DAY I GOT THE REFUND NOTICE EMAIL – But not the $251.84 – Ryan said he didnt know WHAT happened and where it went, but I’ll have it back in 48 hours
It’s WELL over 48 hours
GAURAV: As per the updates , earlier we refunded you in gift certificate however it was later canceled and we have requested to help you get refunds in your credit card which is still in progress .
I did not.
No email, no money and it’s been well over 48 hours
GAURAV: If ever we process refunds in credit card , the time line we follow for the same is 3-5 business days PQ , I apologies in case if you were told to wait for only 48 hours .
Me: I have the email where ryan told me 48 hours or less. I was counting on this, taking them at their word. I have been promising people over here. This has caused big problems
The reason I was told 48 hours is because I had already waited over a week!
Amazon should be going beyond procedures to fix this. I’ve been doing business with you guys for years both as a customer AND affiliate. I’m horrified right now, even for my own customers if this is what they go through.
You guys don’t wait 2 weeks to kill my kindle unlimited or amazon prime account if I dont pay. I pay immediately or you kill the account
Why can’t I get my money expidited if someone over there messed up. It should never have gone on a giftcard.
We specifically agreed that it was going back the original mastercard
GAURAV: Yes I can truly understand that this has given you real trouble in getting the refunds however we never intend to make our customer be in such situations .
Me: And so I asked someone to personally and manually handle this, expidite fixing it and get my my money back. Process the refund NOW so that I get that email:
This refund is for the following item(s):
Item: SublimeWare (Blue) 37mm UV Filter with for GoPro Aluminum Case Housing CNC Frame for GoPro Hero 4 Case for GoPro Hero 3 Case for GoPro Hero 3+ Case –
Quantity: 1
Reason for refund: Item not received
Here’s the breakdown of your refund for this item:
Item Refund: $22.45
Thats the email I get when the refund is processed – and in less then 24 hours the amount appear back on my card. YOU GUYS HAVE NOT DONE THAT WITH THE 251.84
Just the 22.45 and the 18.90
And as we are concerned about the refunds of $251.84 , it was earlier given in GC to you .
Later we canceled to initiate the refunds to you in credit card as you requested .
Me: Can you go and processs the refund so that I get *that* email – then I would expect the amount to show on my card soo. As long as I dont see that, I’m convinced the refund has not been processed and SENT
GAURAV: However as already discussed this process taken time depending upon the timelines your bank follows .
Its already in the process PQ .
Me: I should not have had to request that – I was TOLD it would go back to the original card and I expected it to
– my bank is not the issue GAURAV!!! –
They’re pretty damned quick with this stuff – YOU GUYS HAVE TO ** SEND ** – No email indicates to me it has not been done
If I were to send you $100 right now, and you cancel and refund RIGHT NOW, the funds are likely to be back on my card by the time I log in!!! Other wise any moment before 24 hours!! it’s always worked like that, and it did with the 22.45 and 18.90 so I’ve been trying to figure out “what the hell is amazon doing with the 251.84 and why?”
GAURAV: I am forwarding you one email sent to you already from our end on April 18, 2018 10:52 PM .
Me: Yes, that was when the 251.84 went on the gift card!!! oh my god …
GAURAV: You got the point yes , I am talking the same .
However you wanted to have refunds in your card and so we had to cancel it and issue the same to your credit card .
Me: So why didnt I get confirmation, as I did with the 22.45 and 18.90?
GAURAV: I see the issue has been already escalated and meanwhile as per the policy we follow the refunds if we ever issue in credit cards it takes 3-5 business days to be credits and not just 48 hours PQ .
Me: SoSo “supervisor” Ryan J. lied or was wrong? Which? This from a supervisor? go to http://bitcoin-corporation.com/a/news/2…(See full link) and scroll down until you see the image of his email where he told me 48 hours
how do you explain that?
QUOTE FROM RYAN J. “You’ll see the refund on your credit card statement in the next 48 hours.”
Why would a supervisor tell me that if it’s not true?
I can provide you the email headers and all of the email tracking data to prove to you that it’s not “spoofed”. Thats what we discussed on the phone and thats the confirmation email he PERSONALLY typed and send to me – 48 hours… it’s been over 48 hours.
How do you explain that. Do you know I spent the last couple of days checking and checking and reloading my bank account page hoping it was there because of the desperate situation this has not caused. Taking the word of something in authority?
And incase you dont’ trust going to my site, how about a more trusted site. Imgur. Here is the direct image of the email from ryan j : https://i.imgur.com/VV7OKUX.png
GAURAV: Be assured PQ , we would never want to see our customer in trouble .
Its unfortunate the you find your self in such a condition , however we have escalated the issue further as per the updates I have .
We are awaiting for the further updates by the concerned department.
Me: Well, you’re hearing about it. If you SAW it, you might wanna come out your own pocket, cause it aint pretty over here right now with theproblems this has caused
And still: Why would a supervisor be in a position and be wrong (or lie?) about something so important
GAURAV: You may would like to check this link for further reference PQ :
https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer…(See full link)
Me: Well, I’m completely suprised at how such a big company like this is handling it. We small people and small business help build this big company… now my own business, etc. is being screwed and everyone is passing the buck. I’ve lot faith in amazon.com and I’m quick to said to anyone that I’ll never spend big with you guys – out of fear of being treated like this. You’re real kind. But it’s not real…
GAURAV: This would surely get you updates I am talking about here .
Me: I can’t believe anything, and it should never have been allowed to get to this point
Hey GAURAV, you do know that I’m noticing that you won’t answer me about why ryan J. told me that and why it isnt being honored, right?
This is the 3rd time I’ve brought it up
about the 48 hours
Do you realize how that makes supervisors look? Like you cant believe what they say?
GAURAV: I am giving you the timelines as per the policy we follow and what has been mentioned at our end .
Me: Not saying you would lie, but I gave him the same benefit of the doubt as I’m giving you. Expecting that you’re being 100% truthful. That 48 hour thing was not accurate and no one is being accountable for it
Ok. Real diplomat way to side-step my question and my concern. It’s not going to look good on a publically available blog… I’m obviously trying to give you guys a chance… But it’s being confirmed right here and right now “how it is” ok. This was a waste of time. I’ll be calling. And YOU and your response is going to be directly related to how I speak to the person on the phone.
Instead of dealing with individuals, I’m going to deal with the company as a whole, I now see what kind of company this is. Ok. I’ll pursue this in a different way then. Thats all.
GAURAV: PQ I do see that you are upset about what all has happened , and I have given you the information that we are working upon to get things fixed in this case.
Me: As I said before, Im not upset – I’m even past angry now.
GAURAV: You may call/email/chat with us any time you want and we all are here to help you with any updates we have
Me: I now see you guys back each others lie or misinformation. Ryan J. was wrong or lied and that seems to be of little consquence to you. Alright. You have whatever kind of day you’re going to have. Bye.
GAURAV: I refer the link which has the timelines mentioned for the refunds to be processed PQ , I hope you must have given a look to the same .
https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer…(See full link)
Me: Naw… I want my money from you “company of liars”. And take your vague, impersonally, canned response and somewhere… Thats how PAST angry I am. Don’t EVER frequent any of my businesses…
GAURAV: Had I been in your place I would have felt/reacted in the same manner as you are doing .
Me: But I would have acted better than you and ryan. Ryan was wrong or lied and you practically support it by ignoring direction questions about it. A so-called supervisor pleading the 5th. The real truth about what this company thinks of it’s customers is what corporate’s reaction is going to be when I take it there, and I most certainly will.
So you see, I now suspect there will be little consequences for this, but I’ll make sure the impact is felt… Sometimes, there are just some people that are not worth screwing around with.
GAURAV: I am not ignoring , I trying to help you with every update I see on this order and I have helped you with refunds timelines too which we follow depending upon the respective banks .
Me: You ignored me. I won’t repeat my question because I’ve already been fool enough. And I’m being more of a fool continuing here.
GAURAV: We are trying to simplify things and here as the issue has been further raised we are awaiting response on this .
I also request you to avail us with 3-5 business days of time so that we can check this up and help you better .
Me: Im not even asking about the money. It’s like asking a cop why they lied about finding the money. Once the cop lies, it’s not even about the money right now.
I was told something wrong and I asked how this could happened. Sh*t, your low-level reps are more apologetic. Guess they don’t have what it takes to be a supervisor
Not only do you not offer the posibilities of why I was told what I was told, but you didnt even bother to say “Im sorry you were told that. Thats incorrect. I’ll get with my colleague to make sure he’s clear on what the procedure is. nope – ignore the question. Nice. Bye GAURAV
GAURAV: If ever we process refunds in credit card , the time line we follow for the same is 3-5 business days PQ , I apologies in case if you were told to wait for only 48 hours .
I copied this here as earlier i availed you with the same updates in the beginning of the chat .
Me: Perhaps you’re slow… Im not. I got that the 1st time you said it. But you dont seem to get that IT DOESNT WORK THAT WAY WITH THIS PARTICULAR BANK!
And you’re asking for 3-5 days and Im supposed to believe like I believe the 48 hours ryan told me….
GAURAV: To check things further we have asked our concerned team to update us more about what has happened and in how much time you would be having to have these refunds at your end .
Me: And yes, Im being insulting, becauyse you are being passively aggressive by purposely not acknowledging that I was told 48 hours, so that makes you BAD.
You are now reconnected with GAURAV.
GAURAV: I’m sorry we were disconnected. I can pick up where we left off.
Me: Ryan said 48 hours – that was a lie or just bad info… You ignore my request for an explaination, yet you want me to believe in 3-5 days this will be fixed. I DONT BELIEVE YOU
Thought you disconnected me on purpose. Good to see you didnt. I was going to put that in the blog too
GAURAV: I do apologize PQ for the incorrect info provided.
Me: Thats all I wanted when I 1st asked you about it. Like you guys care. Your regular reps love apologizing…
GAURAV: And I assure you that we have raised this issue to correct it and get more updates however we want you to avail us with some time over here so that we can confirm things to you .
Me: I won’t even pursue WHY ryan told me that here any more, as it simply was untrue…
Well, I tell you what. It’s kinda out of my hands TODAY, isn’t it, unless I do something complete dumb and evil like people in the news are doing these days. I know where an amazon office is. I’m angry, but I aint shooting any innocent people any time soon 😉 – I’m not THAT evil. I wanna be free to punch somebody in the &#@_(#@ mouth, thats all.
Hey, whats a little domestic violance charge right? Heh… I wish I wasn’t joking…
violance violence it’s all the same spelling to me today…
can’t believe this crap… Good ole amazon.com
And here I own a little stock.
GAURAV: Things have gone off the track a bit where in we have also asked for the updates from the concerned department , we never wanted you to go through all this hassle PQ .
And to sum up all what we have discussed , we have asked the department to get us the details on this so that the issue can be countered .
Me: Listen, all you guys had to do is send the money. But you guys screwed up so back that you were probably worried that you’d give me 251.84, thinking that you had aleady sent it. you didn’t. so instead you’re trying to make sure of that and in the mean time you keep me suffering while you protect yourself.
it’s obvious now
multi billion dollar company… screwing the customer for $251.84 – didnt see that coming
Simple fact is, somebody there knows that the money has not been sent, and everyone passing the buck and checking departments because someone already messed up and no one wants to mess up further. So in order not to be blamed for any more mistakes, you make the customer wait to make sure YOU guys don’t screw up internally and have to answer to your higher ups. But ” I ” have to suffer and wait in the meantime.
TIme for me to total up how much I’m paying a year in prime and kindle memberships, etc. and consider a better place to spend my money
Just like when I had to dump my cable company and go roku and wireless. Tired of companies and their monopolies…
Pass this all the up to the board of directors. Amazon has given me feul to pursue how I am fed up with getting screwed over by companies like this. I was sleep for awhile. Cause Im typically lucky that nothing goes wrong. Well my luck is up, and it’s bad.

GAURAV from Amazon.com is online Secure Connection.